Consider a life lived mindfully:  Consider Mindfulness4Life

The Art of mindfulness lies in becoming more awake and aware to our every moment experience. It is not a quick fix, although regular practice can bring noticeable change from the start.

Whether the moment brings pleasant sensation or unpleasant events, learning to be mindful enables us to be present to ourselves and our lives.  Through ongoing practice, we can increasingly enjoy the full range of being truly human. You may be interested in mindfulness due to it’s benefits for concentration and increasing emotional positivity.

Many of us suffer anxiety and tension or physical or emotional pain, at least from time to time.  Others suffer challenges related to unhelpful habits or addictions.  Mindfulness training encourages us to face into our difficulties, whilst keeping sight of a broader perspective.  With regular practice, we develop a more flexible and robust relationship with ourselves and others.

We can reduce our tendency to distraction and compulsion, which lead to a sense of dissatisfaction.  By learning to show up and be present to the whole of our experience, we increase our potential for peace and contentment.  Living mindfully enhances our ability to respond with greater ease and compassion to ourselves and others.

I provide mindfulness training in groups and one to one, face to face (or via skype). I also offer a range of body-work, to support exploration of and increased awareness of one’s entire experience.

I’m based Wales and can offer a range of contexts for learning, as well as opportunities for supporting and maintaining long-term change.

Consider a life lived mindfully.  Consider Mindfulness4Life.

Caroline is an excellent mindfulness teacher. Her work comes out of a delightful combination of warmth, kindness and wisdom born of life experience. She has been dedicated to cultivating mindfulness and compassion intensively for many, many years. I wholeheartedly endorse her approach and feel sure that you will benefit from seeking out her guidance.

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